The Little Guy Can’t Get a Break!

My poor, poor Hunter. He just can’t catch a break. So far in the last two or three weeks he has gotten two bottom teeth, an eye tooth and there are more coming. We all got a cold so he caught that while teething. On March 1st he got his vaccinations. That knocked him out for a couple of days. He is STILL teething and he gets an ear infection!!!! His first one so he’s extra miserable. He finishes his meds two or three days ago and then gets a reaction to the measles vaccine! A measles rash. Good appetite, energetic and no vomiting or fever so no need to panic. He is, however, extra miserable and irritable because of this mild case of measles he contracted. I still thank goodness he got the vaccine though! If this is a mild strain then what is the real disease like! *shudder*. We have to keep an eye on him, give him Tylenol if needed and keep him away from babies and pregnant or sickly people. Sigh. AND HE’S STILL teething! He’s getting his other eye tooth and a couple of the further back teeth. Ugh, poor kid. AND THEN today he trips and smashes in to the hard arm of the couch and splits open his lip. 😦 !! We’ve been giving lots and lots of cuddles and I have been jokingly calling him “Bad Luck Baby”. Even Izzy has been extra cuddly with him.

My helpful Izzy

My poor little boy with his rash.


Today’s Memories, Today’s Laughter.

Although we were all hacking and coughing today with an evil cold from Hell, there were some bright points. The kids and I spent a lot of time today nursing our colds by drinking tea, ginger ale and taking naps. We also watched a ton of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. Which was okay with me.


The kids are getting to the age where they can play together. Hunter loves piling on top of Izzy and having her push him off. They wrestle on the floor and play chase with each other. It’s really cute. There wasn’t much of that today. Hunter is feeling better and his ear infection seems to be fading, even though he still has a nasty cough now and then. Izzy was so low energy today and Hunter kept bringing her toys and trying to get her to play. If it had just been Izzy and I today we would have been happy sitting on the couch, sipping juice and watching tv, while we coughed and sneezed and healed. But little Hunter wanted to play and play.


Today Izzy was pretty cute, making up songs to sing me and bringing Hunter blankets. There were a lot of grumpy moments too, but I love her sweet moments. When Dad got home from work we ate supper (Lately during supper Izzy announces “I only love Mommy. Daddy, you go back to work!”I know it’s for attention from Daddy but it still really bothers me. I hope this phase ends soon). After supper Izzy sent Daddy to a time out.

“You go to the stairs right now Daddy for a time out!” she goes, as she takes his big hand in her tiny one and led him to the stairs.

“Why am I going to time out?” Daddy asks.

“Cuz you broke it Daddy, you broke my heart today!”




I should explain. Sometimes when Izzy is being insufferable and I can’t take it anymore, I say to Izzy, “Please stop Isabella, you’re breaking Mommy’s heart with that behavior.” She always stops, but I don’t think she totally understands what I mean. It was funny to hear her say it today!!


After that she made up a game where Daddy was a Dragon and she had to run to her playhouse to hide. It was hilarious. I love my kids. Hunter just stayed in the playhouse opening and closing the door and laughing.

I sure hope Izzy’s cough goes away by Friday. She is so miserable and misses preschool so much.


Random Thoughts

My poor lil boy has an ear infection! His first one, which is fortunate.But it still sucks and he is all full of phlegm and has a cough on top of it. He’s also teething…but in surprisingly good spirits despite all of this.


Isabella is upset with me today because she had a cough this morning so I made her stay home from school. I’m sure she’ll be fine by Wednesday. Right now, cuz it’s a sick day and I don’t care if she watches it alllll day, she is watching My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. I love it too, so it’s a good show to cuddle up in front of. Izzy loves the more outgoing ponies, Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash because I think she sees herself in them. She also adores the sweet Fluttershy. I think that’s the type of personality she sees as a good friend. I guess we’ll see who she befriends at school! She loves loves loves school and is heartbroken she can’t go today. Personally I identify with Pinkie Pie. I tend to see the best in people, no matter what, and talk a lot. I also tend to be misunderstood, the same as Pinkie Pie. There is one episode where every one thinks Pinkie Pie isn’t taking a parasite infestation seriously. They think she is just goofing off when she keeps asking for instruments. No one will listen to her so they never find out the reason. Because she has such a little voice, is so upbeat and quirky, they never ask and just tell her she is being silly. Turns out her one man band at the end is the only way to solve the infestation and reclaim the town! I totally understand her. Is that sad that I identify with a cartoon character? Do you ever do that?


I’m growing out my hair, and have to wear bobby pins a lot to control my hair or, as Izzy says, it goes “all crazy”. Now Izzy is starting to let me put things in to her hair! So exciting. She has let me put it in a clip and even pony tails. Before I wasn’t allowed to touch it. Hurrah.


Izzy says the cutest stuff lately and I have to start blogging it or writing it down. I’ve meant to but have been distracted every time and now I’ve forgotten! 😦 One thing she has been doing is practicing the letters of her name and can trace them pretty good already. To every one she meets she asks,

“What is your letter?”

Meaning, “What is the first letter in your name?”

It’s really cute and I’m glad she loves learning! Seems like she likes words better than numbers already, but only time will tell. I mean, she’s only 3 and these things change.