She has started a new game. In the morning, while Josh was alone with them on the weekend, they went grocery shopping and bought a few things including English Muffins. In the afternoon she started a game called “English Run”. This involves running around the dining room and kitchen with no pants, a toque on and random stuffed animals in her hands. Daddy was supposed to join in too and as he was stepping outside to start the BBQ, Izzy tried to pants him and said “You have to join the English Run Daddy!!!”

Who knows what goes on in  my kid’s imagination sometimes, but it must be really shiny and interesting inside of that brain of hers.





Sometimes I miss being able to think, “Oh, I need (this) and would like to check out (that)”. And then, if it was my day off of work, just jumping in the car and going to get (this) and see (that).


You know, instead of realizing the kids are napping and I would have to wake them up. Or realizing that I would have to get both kids dressed, the diaper bag packed, snacks for the car and sippy cups filled. Then getting the kids packed in the car, everyone settled, then everyone unpacked when we get there. Then when we’re there being fast enough so that I am in and out before the kids get overwhelmed, too tired or too hungry. Then packing up the kids to get them home and getting them in to the house and settled again. It’s quite the process.


But all worth it  for the random things they say!


Our morning routine is always the same. Josh has a bit of time in the morning and I am NOT a morning person (never have been). At night we both read the kids stories and put them to bed at 730pm. We go to bed at around 11pm.

In the morning Josh gets up with the kids at around 730am. He gets them downstairs and started with breakfast. In about an hour they come and wake me up. Izzy usually comes in and tells me it’s “breadfust” time.

At night when we tuck Izzy in she gets one of us to talk to her for a couple minutes. It’s usually me and she asks me all the important questions (“why do we have to sleep mama?” or “how come we have feet?”) and tells me about her day (even though i spent the whole day with her!). But last night I had to go early and so it was Daddy. She asked him the all important question, “Where is your bedroom Daddy? Where do you sleep at night?”


I guess cuz she never really sees him in our bed she thinks he has a hidden bedroom! HAHAHAHA.


Oh Toddlers.