The Continuing Ghost Story.

Today Izzy was upstairs for “quiet time”. She slept for a little while, then I heard her wake up and she was playing with her ponies. She was getting bored so she came halfway down the stairs and started to go “Neigh, Neigh, Neigh” (cuz she is “NOT Izzy, she is a PONY”….this is what she has been for 3 days and yells at Josh and I constantly, lol) . I asked her if she wanted to come downstairs to play and she said “yes! I will just go get my pony friends!!” It’s always snack and tv time after her naps so that she can wake up slowly and I can make dinner. She is such a creature of habit that even though she had been awake for a while and probably wouldn’t need it, I started a show for her and got her a snack. While I was downstairs I heard crying. I thought Hunter had woken up. I finished starting the show and went upstairs. It wasn’t Hunter it was Izzy! She was sitting cross legged on the floor, hysterically crying. I asked her what was wrong and she goes “You scared me! Why do you do that!?” I asked her what she thought I did, and she said, “You shut my door and shouted BOO from behind it and it scared me!” It scared her too much to have her look after the door shut. She was so afraid that she just cried until I went up there. She couldn’t understand why someone would be so mean. Is it an over-active imagination or a ghost? I remember when we first moved to this house she had just turned three. She pointed to the corner where our microwave sits now and goes , “Who is that?” I thought she had an imaginary friend. Now…not so sure.


Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Last night was a long night. At 3 am Izzy ripped me out of a deep sleep screaming. I went running up to her room (she is on an upper floor, 5 stairs away), to see what was wrong. Izzy was standing at her door screaming, “Mommy why would you do that? Why would you scream Boo at me and scare me!!” I had to explain it was just a dream, like a movie you play in your head. She didn’t really believe me, her dream was so vivid. It took me over 30 minutes to get her calm. We had to leave her room, and re-enter it to make sure it was safe. I left her but not 10 minutes later the wind woke her up. Or I thought. It had to be the wind. It didn’t rattle her panes as usual, but there was a definite banging noise, almost like a bass note. I checked to see if there was a car outside with bass on, or if our neighbours were playing music. Nope. Very inconsistent bass type banging noise, but it must have been the wind. Anyway, I don’t blame Izzy for not being able to sleep. So I am trying to calm her down, again. We talk for a while about things she could dream about that would be nice, not scary. I went through my usual dream ideas: playing with her friends at school, visiting Gramma and help her garden, playing cars with Daddy, making cupcakes with Mommy….and suddenly she interrupts me. “Mamma, mamma, when I do this with my eyes,” and she moves her eyes up to the ceiling and back down again, “or this,” and she blinks fast four or five times, “then sometimes I see a boy in my room. Look Mamma, he’s standing by the door right now. I think he is like Hunter. Is it Hunter? I love Hunter….but he comes to play with me sometimes.” Um……


Totally creeped me out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why don’t you have any toys in there?

A conversation with Izzy today.

Izzy, “Hi Mommy. Why are you in the tub?”

Me, “I am taking a bath hon.”

Izzy, “Why?”

Me, “Cuz my back is sore from exercising. What are you doing out of bed and in the bathroom? Do you have to pee?”

Izzy, “Um, yah.”

(She knows the only reason to come out of her bed at night is because she has to pee.)

Izzy, “Why do you have candles in there? Are you cold?”

Me, “No. Go pee please or you’ll pee your pants.”

Izzy picks up her tub safe mirror and holds it half a centimeter from my face, “Look how pretty you are in there Mamma, just look. Do you see yourself in there Mamma, do you see how pretty you are? You need to look in the mirror. Mamma, do you see?

Me, “Yes thank you Izzy. That was very nice. Please put down the mirror and try going pee and then go to bed please.”

Izzy, “Okay.” She is still standing beside the tub. “What colour are the candles?”

Me, “Sit on the toilet please and then ask your questions”

Izzy, “Ok Mamma.” Sitting down on the toilet, “What colours are they?”

Me, “Oh, orange and green with pink. I have candles cuz I don’t splash around like you guys do.”

Izzy, “They’re pretty.  But why don’t you have any toys in there Mamma?”

Me, “I like to think in the bath, so I have candles and no toys.”

Izzy, “Are you dirty….What colour is the water? Is it blue?”

Me, “A little bit I guess. Are you done peeing?”

Izzy, “I do, I see it. I see it’s blue water a little bit. Do you see the blue water Mamma?”

Me, “Yep. Get off the toilet and wash your hands Izzy.”

Izzy, “Okay.” She pulls up her panties and says, “But I need to wash my hands like you are washing your wholllllleeee body Mamma. Is that okay, to wash my hands? Is that a good idea?”

Me, “Yes it is.”

Izzy goes to pull down her panties.

Me, “You went pee already Izzy. You were going to wash your hands, remember?”

Izzy, “Oh yah!”

Me, “Okay wash them quick ok? You have to get lots of sleep for your last day of school tomorrow.”

Izzy, “Okay. I like you Mamma. I still like you.”

Me, “Thank you Izzy. I love you. Sleep well. Good night.”

Izzy, kind of sad the conversation is over, “Good night, I like you”

Step, step, stomp, thump.

Bathroom door swings open.

Izzy, “I fell over but I’m Okay! Okay?”

Me, “Okay Izzy. Glad you are okay. Have a good sleep.”

Izzy, “Good night” with a dramatic vertical hand wave while walking backwards out of the door.


Haha, I love my kid.