Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Monday was a big day for Izzy. She had school and afterward we were going to our friend’s house for lunch. I picked her up from school and she told me what snack they had, that she painted and that they had a “really loud” fire drill. She had a Scholastic Book Order in her inbox, so we took that in the car. It’s a half hour drive on the highway to the neighboring city of Airdrie, so I gave it to Izzy to look at on the way there.

Isabella is going through a phase. She goes from 0-10 emotionally at the drop of a hat…over anything! Even a drop of a hat (ha ha, snort). So we’re driving along and her shoes are too heavy, and she needed to bring some obscure toy from home and on and on. I give her the book order and she agrees to quiet down and look through it. Meanwhile, Hunter is happily chewing on the cookie snack I gave them. Izzy takes the book order and starts flipping through it. She exclaims, “Oh Mama, are you KIDDING me? Seriously Mama, there is Halloween stuff in here. That is AMAZING.” I laugh. She sounded like a 15-year-old Valley Girl when she said it. She’s so cute.
So then of course she drops the book order on the floor of the car. And I can’t reach it. So I tell her that I’m sorry, she just has to wait until we can stop. To which she replies,

“Mama!! Mama! There’s fire on you! There’s fire on your side! So now you have to stop. Stop the car!! There’s fire on you!”

Confused? I was too. No, I was not on fire.

I try to guess, “Does the sunlight look like fire on Mommy’s side?”

“You have to stop when there is fire on you, Mama!” Izzy continued.

Light bulb. OH! “Izzy, is that what you learned today?”

“Yes. So stop. ”

So I continue, “What’s the next step Izzy?”

Isabella, all proud, announces, “Then you Drop. And then you ROLL LIKE A PENCIL!”

Wow, what a creative way to use her fire drill knowledge. She tried to trick me to stop the car so I could get her the book order to look through again. Sometimes I get really impressed with how her mind works.



Isabella Loves purple. That’s an understatement. And if it isn’t purple she pretends it is. She picked out a new doll the other day, solely based on the fact that the doll was wearing  a purple dress.


Also, Isabella’s new thing is pointing out, loudly, every bald man we see while out or shopping. She proclaims it loudly. It’s pretty funny some of the looks we get.


That’s the thoughts for now. More later.